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Single Cell, In-Situ, Multi-omics

Translura provides an effective and novel way to detect multiple chormatin sites, RNAs and other cellular components at the same time, in-situ.

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With the right tools, obtain a new dimension of data.

Translura's core technology is fueled by Prof. Siyuan (Steven) Wang's break-through innovations and patents in the field of chromatin folding (Science, 2016, Nature Communication, 2020), epigenetic mark identification (patent pending), as well as RNA profiling. 

To learn more, please see our publications.


What We Offer

Your one-stop shop for in-situ spatial genomics needs.


Multiplexed Probe Design

You provide a list of DNA and/or RNA targets. We provide optimized probe libraries for your project.


All-In-One Solution

Full customizable service offerings for a fast adoption of the spatial genomics technology.


Fully-automated Instrument

Fully automated instrument, software and reagents for core genome centers looking to expand their spatial genomics offerings.


Data Analysis and Visualization

Expedite your spatial genomics data analysis with our in-house experts.

Get Ready to See the Benefits of Spatial Genomics with Our Proprietary Technology 

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